Frequently Asked Questions

"What is 'Live Arrival?'"

"LIVE ARRIVAL" means that when the fish arrive at your door and you open the box, the fish will be alive in the bags.

Once the fish bags are opened and the fish are exposed to your water, the guarantee is null and void, we do not guarantee that the fish will live in your water conditions or not get eaten by tank mates.

All we guarantee is that they will be alive when they are dropped off and box is opened.

Should you have a DOA (dead on arrival), please contact us within 1 hour of pickup or drop off. Be prepared to provide us with a digital image to support your claim.

How are the fish packed?

The fish are packed in styrofoam coolers or insulated boxes with heat packs during the winter. We charge a $25.00 handling fee for larger shipments and $12.50 handling fee for smaller shipments.

Have a specific question?

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